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Our Services

Take a minute to view some of the quick highlights we have put together for you. We realize time is a valuable asset. So we wont waste yours with useless info. But at Messerly Concrete we want you to know your not just hiring another concrete company. Your hiring the best one available to you.


Best Concrete Team

You can own state of the art equipement, but without the right people to plan, implement, and operate the machinery we have available, it does no good. At Messerly concrete we believe the team of people we have are the key to your success, and ours. Here are some quick facts about our team.

  1. We have over 200 combined years of concrete construction experience on hand.
  2. Many employees are TCA certified, and our supervisors are ACI certified flat work finishers
  3. We own and operate all the equipement required to create a successful finished product.

Turn-Key Concrete Solutions

At Messerly concrete we realize the market is changing. We know its essential to provide not just one aspect of the concrete business, but to encompass the entire project and scope of work for each project. With our team you can count on a turn key solution. Here is a complete list of Services we offer.

  1. Flat work, along with footings & foundation as well as structual concrete.
  2. Tilt-ups, Tilt-up panels, panel construction, panel erection.
  3. Sidewalk, curb and gutter as well as saw cutting.

High Level of Quality Control

Anyone can order mud. But we take the time and effort to research who offers the best product in your market. We take this same approach with every job from start to finish. At Messerly concrete we pride ourselves in not just saying we are the best, but by showing it with the quality job and product we produce.

  1. We like to utilize concrete vendors that are following the ASTM C94/ C94M -13a standard for ready mix concrete.
  2. We follow the C31/C31M Practice when making and curing test samples in the field for your project.
  3. We Follow the guildines as set forth by that pertain to your project.

Precision and Accuracy in Calculations

Having a great concrete team starts behind the scene. Having the correct estimate, required materials, and accurate calculations not only saves you money, but sets the tone for a successful project. Our team takes the following approach to make sure your job turns out right.

  1. Identify the project
  2. Determine the desired outcome(s)
  3. Delineate each of the project’s component tasks
  4. Identify the players. (inside, outside vendors, project killers)
  5. Determine a time line (or staged time lines) for each project component. 
  6. Review, revise and reallocate
  7. Keep everybody informed and provide direction